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smittee 77

Oct. 2019

could not recommend this service more! i had help every step of the way, including a call with a lawyer. matt, razia and the team are very helpful, insightful and full of knowledge! yesterday i received my green card almost 5 months to the day of filing my application! highly recommend.‌‌

Maria G

Oct. 2019

Excellent service. Would have taken absolutely hours to do this myself. Usually like to do things myself but really glad I didn’t this time. Compared websites and this one was a bit cheaper but I tried it anyway and excellent service at every step not sure how it could have been better. I was a bit put off because I don’t think you can call people directly for advice, so had to email, but they are extremely responsive. Most responsive to emails I’ve seen. Much much more responsive than a lawyer I’ve used before. Attorney review at the end was efficient and picked up things I wouldn’t have realized were important and couldn’t have found from reading endless forums. Was really nice that any random question I had at any point even just a little unsure I could just ping them an email. The team is great and you talk to the same person a few times, not like you have to have a new person each time. I had I think 3 different people help over the few weeks of my application and all were good (McKay especially super patiently answering many many questions). So nice that any niggling doubt I could just ask them. Really good attention to detail on their part, the team will reply first with things they noticed, and then second review by attorney. Now that all 205 pages are done I’m extremely grateful because there were more than 10 forms I needed and I’m sure somewhere I would have gotten something wrong.‌‌

Jessica German

Oct. 2019

Simple Citizen helped make a super stressful process much easier. We had a couple technical difficulties, but overall a really great / easy experience. I'd definitely recommend them.‌‌

Adi Mudunuri

Oct. 2019

Great group of people and very good software to accompany that. They took the utmost care for my case and took care of all the issues.‌‌

Maureen Malalis

Sept. 2019

Than paying $$$$ for lawyer i chose simple citizen. they made everything so easy for me and very affordable. And surely they will help you with everything. I just want to thank Matt, Razia, and Sam for being so helpful and answering all our questions. We couldn't do it if you all didn't help us. We really appreciate everything. once again THANK YOU and Keep up the good work! #CerifiedGCHolder‌‌

Sarah Johnson

Sept. 2019

absolutely recommend simple citizen,they're the best,matt and the team are so helpful and will give answers even to the dumbest questions,lol. I have since gotten my green card and i cannot thank them enough. Thanks a lot guys‌‌

Eric S

Sept. 2019

Just like the name. My application process was real SIMPLE. The people are very friendly and understand immigration processes real well. I will definitely recommend their service to friends and family.‌‌

Hugo Herrera

Sept. 2019

I would highly recommend this service to anyone confused about the system and that submit a properly filled application without too many complications. With the easy to use website, and the lawyer review, we submitted our paperwork with no problems. They helped us understand whenever we had questions. Even when we had minor complaints, they went above and beyond to fix them. They really care about their clients and that's what made me so happy to have chosen them.‌‌

ivy li

Sept. 2019

Highly recommended this place‌‌

Highly recommended this place‌‌

I found a simple citizen online. they helped us so much in terms of organizing our documents, and the process was so easy, takes about 1-2 hours to finish. we applied on 02-14-2019, And get our interview notice August 2019. we went to our interview today, the IMMIGRATION officer made a compliment on our file is organized well. and we were asked a few questions about our date. and get an approval on the spot.‌‌

Felipe brum

Sept. 2019

Can’t even start on saying how great this team is! Made everything to much easier, prompt responses, always willing to help and solve any questions/problems! I bit shoutout to McKay, she was awesome! Already recommended to a friend and will keep doing it.‌‌

Duncan Gerbasi

Sept. 2019

So happy my wife found this program. Been trying to get help by a lawyer, he wanted $5000 Razia has been super helpful. thank you so much! You deserve a raise people..‌‌

Mo Ghonim

Sept. 2019

SimpleCitizen has been of great help to us through the Adjustment of Status process more than I can possibly say. It's such an important and precise process that I definitely wanted someone to help us with! We found SimpleCitizen while googling some immigration questions when I and my wife decided to apply back then, and I couldn't ask for anything more than what SimpleCitizen full package offered, filling the application was so easy, simple as signing up for an online website! We appreciated it so much that they translate all the necessary and needed documents free-of-charge within the package, peace of mind to us! I was already stressed about this process, filling all these forms ourselves would take months, and finding a USCIS Certified Translator would also take a while and would be costly, not to mention that any mistakes we might possibly make would just ruin everything and this is definitely not something we wanted to leave an error margin in! But with the lawyer review within the package, we felt very confident!‌

I remember at times we were getting very impatient because the SimpleCitizen team were very busy, and there were numerous holidays at the time so it took a while for our applications to be reviewed by an immigration lawyer before we submitted them to USCIS. I, as you’d imagine, was getting so depressed waiting. James personally contacted me, followed up with us and assured us that everything will be reviewed soon and that this review is very important, and it really was! Now we’re very grateful that we waited for that review and that we were patient, it was so worth it because we didn’t receive any REFs where I see many people who filed around the same time as we did receive RFEs which takes so long to deal with and freezes the immigration application, so we’re so grateful, really for everything the SimpleCitizen team helped us with.

A very especially thanks to Razia, who have helped us literally more than I can ever say!!‌ She’s very understanding, communicative and did everything to answer our questions and to help us in the most friendly and also professional way. This process is very precise and can be really depressing and scary at times if you’re going through it alone, that’s where Razia made all the difference!‌ Whenever we had any questions, I just go to the chat button in the website and ask our questions, (when we planned to move to a new apartment, when USCIS didn’t update the fingerprint review status, when we thought of expediting the EAD, when the names seemed to have inconsistencies, and in many many other situations that kept me personally from sleeping sometimes!)‌ Razia was there!‌ helping, advising and making us more confident and relaxed in this whole process!‌‌ Which we’re forever grateful for!‌

Last week we got a status update that the EAD is approved and a new card is being issued!‌ Probably the AP too but the EAD is most important for us, we wouldn’t have had it issued under 3 months if we had any RFEs, which we didn’t have thanks to SimpleCitizen team’s help, especially Razia’s!‌ We are so excited to receive the EAD card in the mail this week!‌ :)‌‌

This service is worth every single penny in our opinion, we definitely couldn’t afford an attorney, but we got everything an attorney would do and even more!‌ (with a bigger team, free translation, and on-going live chat for the whole process!)‌ on SimpleCitizen for about $350, definitely worth it in a long immigration journey. We’re waiting for our interview and the Green-Card and will write another review then! (Since SimpleCitizen is still helping us even after filing!)‌ and we’d really love to send a thank you letter and maybe a gift to Razia for her GREAT help!‌ (‌ if it’s okay with the SimpleCitizen policies)‌.‌‌

Thank you SimpleCitizen for helping us navigate this complex immigration journey. You’re changing people’s lives here for better, and making a huge difference, we’re forever grateful‌‌


Sept. 2019

SimpleCitizen has been a great for us during the very confusing process of applying for a greencard for my husband from the Netherlands. We first filled out the information on their online system and then their system compiled all the documents into a 600 pages package. They have helped us through every single step of the entire process and always respond within a short amount of time. We can feel that they are really there for you. They guided us through the whole process and let the documents be reviewed a lawyer. We would otherwise spend thousands of dollars hiring a lawyer doing essentially the same thing.

People in simple citizen understood that our case is very urgent because we need to travel abroad soon so they did everything for us very efficiently and we are very grateful that this company is there for people in similar situations. Especially McKay has been a great help and so are many others who contacted us in the company throughout the process!

Holly Preslar

Sept. 2019

I can't possibly praise SimpleCitizen enough. We used the service for my husband's green card application and it was absolutely seamless. Not only were Sam, Matt, and the rest of the team responsive, knowledgeable, and helpful, but they went above and beyond to make sure that we had all of the knowledge we needed and that we did everything in our power to accelerate the process of EAD and AP approval for our pre-planned trip abroad. Our requests were approved earlier than expected and our trip went perfectly. Honestly the best money we ever spent - if you are considering using SimpleCitizen just make it happen. You won't be disappointed.

Claudia Aubrey

Sept. 2019

We can't thank SimpleCitizen enough. They have been there for us from the beggining until the very end giving us immensely support and cheering us on along the way. Dealing with immigration and all the paper work makes anyone very nervous, but they guided us along the way, and made the process for two clueless people super easy! As we get ready for our final interview, we just want to say thank you SimpleCitizen, from the bottom of our hearts! Thank you for handling everything, and giving us a peace of mind. Thank you for all the advice and always being there for us when we needed you. We will continue to recommend this company to anyone who is going through the same long and hard road! 5 stars isn't enough to show our appreciation !! Thank you!

Josephus Tudtud

Aug. 2019

Matt called us immediately to answer all our questions and was very quick to respond. He is wonderful!

Changing our review to 4 stars for accountability and doing their best to turn our experience around, and might even give 5 stars but will save that only after all forms have been submitted successfully. We hope it’s gonna be a breeze from hereon.

We feel much better now and trust that SimpleCitizen will pull through to the end :)

Kay Mansion

Aug. 2019

SimpleCitizen was awesome! The name says it all, they’ve made the whole complicated immigration process such a breeze for me and my wife. To all my African brothers & sisters, if you’re contemplating using SimpleCitizen just do it! I did and didn’t have no problems at all. It’s very easy and SimpleCitizen’s straight forward software takes you through the whole process with the up to date forms and everything, they can also have some expert review your application before you finally send it in. Just do it and get yourself right!

J Beltz

Aug. 2019

They deserve six of five stars. Without them it would have been difficult to know how to fill out the forms for an aos, ead, and ap application.

My spouse was able to use the ead combo card to work and also to travel internationally. We would not have applied for an AP was it not for simplecitizen.

The thing we most appreciated most was that they were there to help with questions even after having submitted the paper work to uscis. They had really already done their part which was filling out the forms for us and really didn't have to answer; but, when we had a question they helped, even a year and a half after having sent off the paperwork. My spouse just recently had the green card approved, thank you simplecitizen. We will be using you again for when my spouse can apply for citizenship.

Ivelina Darvenyashka

Aug. 2019

Great experience throughout the whole process! The team is very quick at responding making every step easier than you'd think. They help you with the whole application and any questions about the interview. The software is super easy to use and import all your data into the application. Highly recommend!


July 2019

I am very pleased with this service. It helped me navigate the confusion that accompanies immigration and citizenship applications especially with my N400.

The entire experience was nice. The interview time wasn’t too long, the requirements were attainable and everything I needed to complete my N400 was explained.

So I want to give a special thanks to the simple citizen crew.

Thank you!

Alejandra Martinez H

July 2019

SimpleCitizen has been super helpful. It was easy to fill out the paperwork. Also, the customer service is really good.

Ismah Faheem

July 2019

Hats off to the entire team of Simple Citizen.

Cannot say enough how easy they made the entire process and how they handled all the nitty details so perfectly. You just have to provide your documentation and proof read in the end before the neat professional package arrives at your door. Sam & Matt from simple citizen especially did a fantastic job.

THANK YOU guys !!!

Filippo Masia

July 2019

Great Website and Great Help from the team . Process Is long , we know , but I think Simple Citizen Is the best and easiest platform for a complicated paperwork like Green Card application .

Great Job Simple Citizen Team !!!

Michael-Alan & Yu Gu

May 2019

Simple citizen is amazing! We used this service for adjustment of status from F1 and for a work authorization. The program was simple, they took all the guessing work out of how to fill out the forms and what paperwork we need. and even organized it a very simple way to fill out and sign! will recommend them to all my friends! Thank you so much a huge shoutout to Matt who went above and beyond and even checked on us to make sure everything was going well! I recommend this any day over a immigration lawyer!

Damian Barrios Saavedra

May 2019

I collaborated with Simple Citizen and they are not only deeply compromised with their clients needs but they also deliver the best service and professionalism to every case they handle. Amazing staff and even better human beings!

Tati Alcalá

May 2019

Buen servicio para sacar la green card. También ayudaron a mi hijo. Gracias.

Fanny Durocher

May 2019

Our green card just got approved and we couldn’t be any happier! Simple citizen was super helpful through the process, filling out the documents through their site was super easy and it took little to no time to get everything together. Once we filled out the documents they reviewed our papers and sent our full package home and from there we just put it in the mail and sent it to the USCIS. The first steps u til getting the EAD moved super quickly and then things kinda slowed down. What was great was to have simple citizen there to help us. Our application was outside of the regular processing times and we didn’t have any idea (we thought it was just taking long) simple citizen called me to tell about it and gave me a couple of suggestions for me to do, I took action based on what they told me and my interview got scheduled 1 day after my submission! From there it was super smooth, interview, approval and now the card is in the mail! We are expecting to receive it by the end of this week. Thank you

Darpana Rawal

May 2019

Hi all:

I am writing this review due to couple of reasons.

1. I got my bio-metrics appointment (for Marriage based green card application) without any hurdles or hassles of resubmitting any documents all because of very systematic compiling of all required forms and documents done by SimpleCitizen. I am very pleased with service offered by them and thank them from bottom of my heart with a special thank you to Mr. Matthew for always being there to help me with the entire process.

2. It saved me a a big amount of money and my time.

3. They are very helpful and supportive.

4. All the USCIS forms look very complicated but SimpleCitizen made the whole process very smooth and easy.

5. There are so many other expensive companies which offer similar kind of services but Reading reviews helped me to choose SimpleCitizen. Thought writing review may help someone else too.

6. SimpleCitizen compiled all forms for me to file petition for my son too.

7. Last but not least , to let other people like me to know that SimpleCitizen is neither fake /cheaters nor their to just make money. They are genuinely there to help make the whole immigration process easy and reliable.

8. SimpleCitizen has even promised me that they will help me with entire interview process for Green card.

I will update here once I am through with entire process.

I wish good luck to everyone who applies for their Green-card.

Once again a BIG THANK YOU to entire team of SimpleCitizen.

Amar Patel

May 2019

SimpleCitizen and it's staff are Amazing! Don't pay thousands to a lawyer, SimpleCitizen literally made it so simple. Great online support, and aftercare. The team at SimpleCitizen seems to genuinely care about their clients, and I have been personally touched by their support and guidance. Outstanding service. Clear, concise, totally worth the price.

túlio z.

Apr. 2019

I found Simple Citizen an excellent resources for my immigration process to apply for green card. They work with me closely and help me in every single step of my application. I really appreciate their constant answers to all my questions. I mostly worked with Matt who is very knowledgeable in his subject matter.

All things considered, I recommend SimpleCitizen for the overall quality of their service, and making a very overwhelming process simpler for applicants, at the fraction of the cost of hiring an attorney. Despite the hiccup in the service I experienced, their staff was always very courteous in all our communication through chats, emails and phone calls. And as mentioned in other reviews, the application package comes neatly assembled, with a cover letter for USCIS explaining all of its contents, and sticky notes pointing to where applicant and petitioner need to sign.

Md Sayem Miah

Apr. 2019

I found Simple Citizen an excellent resources for my immigration process to apply for green card. They work with me closely and help me in every single step of my application. I really appreciate their constant answers to all my questions. I mostly worked with Matt who is very knowledgeable in his subject matter.

Excellent website, excellent service but affordable price.

Ashley Payne

Apr. 2019

I am a UK citizen and have just successfully completed my green card interview. SimpleCitizen is a brilliant service and platform for applications. It's easy to use, convenient, and much cheaper than hiring an actual lawyer. My wife and I had our interview recently, and the interviewer commented on how organised our application was (credit to SimpleCitizen). The chat service is also brilliant. They offer sound at every stage of the process and always with patience and a friendly nature.

Thank you SimpleCitizen.

Nakul Gupta

Apr. 2019

Simple Citizen is a great website. Just to put in two words. It is "Easy" and"hassle free". I just filled out simple form and uploaded required documents and they did everything for me. The package boxed comes with complete guidelines and printed forms. You just need to sign and ship to USCIS. Highly recommended!

Azuolas Mac

Apr. 2019

Sam is very proffessional

Ala Ben Othman

Apr. 2019

I recieved a call from the CEO of simple citizen, he was talking so much gently and apologized about what happened to me , and promised me that they will be working on my petition the whole night , also he issued me full refund , and yes the next morning they sent me an email with the edited file and they called me to make sure that everything is correct as they will send me everything through the fast overnight mail .

That was really good coustomer service from a good company .

I really appreciate that and hopefully we work smoothly together in all the next steps

Thank you guys

Moaiad Shehadeh

Mar. 2019

Simple Citizen made my prcess very easy and never faced any issue throughout my process! They know exactly what to submit and it’s totally worth the money! What a great team!

Michael Molony

Mar. 2019

Excellent experience all round. They were very quick to answer any questions, the format and layout is extremely intuitive and user friendly. I feel lucky to have found simplecitizen

Kimberly Arana Martinez

Mar. 2019

Simple Citizen has been a great help for my immigration process to get my green card. They work with you closely and help you in every single step of your journey. I really appreciate their constant answers to all my questions.

Excellent website and affordable price !!!!!

Azuolas Mac

Mar. 2019

Sam is very professional


Feb. 2019

The software is very intuitive and makes it super easy to navigate the very long and complicated USCIS forms. The staff was always very responsive and helpful, although sometimes things got delayed and/or never got done and had to email inquiring several things. Final application came back with a few mistakes because apparently all the process it is automatic, make sure to review thoroughly when you get the package.

This is certainly an affordable and helpful tool for someone who has straightforward cases. Be sure to contact an attorney if you think your application has any red flags.

Brandon Zhang

Feb. 2019

For those who don't want to read my whole review, just know that it is well worth your $$$ to have this team help you with your immigration needs!

SimpleCitizen's bread-and-butter is AOS (adjustment of status), but I had to apply for my spouse through consular processing. Even then, their process was extremely helpful and simplifies the I-130 into easy-to-digest questions.

My favorite parts:

1. Customer service - Matt was extremely helpful in everything. Not only did he make himself available via online chat/email, he also made himself available via phone to talk through the application and any questions I had along the way. I just submitted this week, but his team will be here for the remainder of the process as well!

2. Finished product quality - I was very impressed with the finished product. The application was nicely bound and put into a clean box with very clear instructions included as well. I just had to simply ship it off.

Thank you again and fingers crossed, everything goes well!

Iris Lu

Jan. 2019

Update 1/24/19: Sam and Matt contacted me after I expressed my concerns about my final package and made all the corrections within hours after they knew I want to submit in two days. They even overnight it for me and provide a prepaid overnight label for me to mail it out. Sam contacted me again today before I submit the package to make sure everything is okay. He said they have helped make thousands of application not even one got rejected. I can see they are passionate about what they are doing and they want to make sure everyone feel secure and satisfied about their application experience.

1/22/19: I'm using the service to apply for my green card right now. The system seemed to be well-made when I was filling all my info. I found that the only way you can contact them is through live chat and emails and sometimes replies can get delayed. When I got the my final package after attorney review, I found out some minor errors. I pointed everything out and emailed them to Matt and waiting for the reply.

bere Plaicde

Jan. 2019

Simple Citizen is an easy way to handle your applications for Natralization, greencards or visas. I was able to to get a fully prepared kit ready to be sent to USCIS within a week; with everything completely explained. All the areas where i needed to sign the document was made available to me. Sam and his team was very excellent at communicating to me via telephone, email and live chat. I received all the support i needed. All i had to do was to sign up, pay the fees(which is really cheap to prepare and send documents via courier service ) fill out a small questionnaire; upload my personal documents and voila...i was all done. All was left for me to do was to wait for a response from uscis. There was NO NEED to visit any expensive immigration lawyer to get this done Thank you Simple Citizen!!!!

GRE Tutoring

Jan. 2019

The level of support provided, specifically by Sam, has so far been unbelievable-frankly, the level of support is beyond what I hoped, let alone expected. We messaged the chat bot at 3:30 on a Sunday afternoon, got an automated message that SimpleCitizen would be back tomorrow..and Sam responded within 30 seconds. He listened (very) patiently to our somewhat extensive situation, until I offered to speak on the phone if he thought it would help. He proceeded to call me a minute later, understood our problem clearly and quickly, and provided information and solutions to resolve every question I had on the spot (turnaround time, level of support, package options, shipping options, etc). Honestly, unless Sam has significant equity in the company, he's underpaid for sure. It's just way beyond the level of customer support you expect; you don't realistically even hope for that on a Sunday afternoon. Gotta give recognition and show appreciation where it's due!!

Maricel Saenz

Jan. 2019

Simple Citizen was instrumental in getting my visa approved. They went above and beyond to ensure my process went smoothly.

Agatha Milk

Jan. 2019

I am really glad that me and my husband found this company that helped us to fill in all immigration documents really quickly and right. the fee for the service is reasonable. I also wrote them multiple times with different questions about documents and immigration questions, they will help me with that too. Thank you a lot! Will definitely recommend to work with SimpleCitizen.

Gama Liu

Dec. 2018

The team is very helpful in resolving problems together!

Erika Sol Adams

Dec. 2018

Applying for a Green Card is stressful and a huge amount of work. I can’t even imagine how much more stressful and time consuming it would be trying to do it alone! Going with SimpleCitizen was worth EVERY penny! You fill in your information in a very simple UI and then collect all your documents and upload them. Throughout the process I had several questions and they always got back to me that day or the next. I had no idea that when I was done they would send me a 300 page stack of papers (size of the 4th Harry Potter Book) neatly presented with clear instructions on the next steps to hand in my application. What I loved was the simple details like the template cheques showing you what you have to pay and the color coded sticky notes for every place we needed to sign. It was extremely impressive. When your options are doing it yourself vs paying big bucks for a lawyer, SimpleCitizen clearly is the best and economical option.

McKay pier

Dec. 2018

We are so lucky to have found simple citizen! The immigration process is long, complicated, and expensive, but simple citizen completely changed that for us. They organize everything for you so you don’t have to be so stressed. When we needed another copy of our packet before our interview they responded very promptly. I would 10/10 recommend this service to anyone going through the immigration process. Thank you simple citizen!

Blue Point

Dec. 2018

It's first time for me to give five stars, but Sam and Matt were really helpful, Thank you guys :)

Hannah Lee

Nov. 2018

Abaan & Hannah: Very happy and satisfied with the experience we’ve had with SimpleCitizen and the whole team. I’ve had conversations with Matt and Sam primarily. We paid for the Premium package so we could have legal matters taken care of in case the need arises.

The whole application went smoothly and any questions we’ve had were answered by Matt. They were always polite. There were moments when we got a little frustrated because of the late responses but Matt explained the situation and how he was outside the country and the only person running the live chats. I would say the one thing that they can do to improve is upsize since they’re doing a great job and that would take care of the understaffed issue. However, it is understandable for any start up and I hope their business grows and more people can know about it. Saved us $6,000 on lawyer fees which would probably do nothing for us anyway as our case was straightforward.

Needless to say, they did everything perfectly and we personally liked the colored stickers that come on the whole package for each person to sign (petitioner, sponsors, applicant) so it’s easy to track. We filed last week of May and received the Green Card in the mail first week November, with approval on the day of the interview, one month prior in October.

I am spreading the word on immigration forums where I was a member about this so people can save thousands on lawyer fees as most applicants are already financially strained and have no way of working until the EAD arrives. Plus, it’s convenient and the guys makes you feel like they’re on the journey with you!

Thanks again Matt and Sam!

Food vs Model

Nov. 2018

100% recommend!! Very accommodating and there to answer all questions along the way. So much paper work involved so way better and less stress having them help prepare it all for you!

Luzmar Giraldo

Nov. 2018

All you are the best! Thanks for helping with everything! I got my green card without problems!

Nam Nguyen

Oct. 2018

Confusion are bound to happen if you are using an online service. However, the customer response at simplecitizen was fast and efficient in responding to concerns. My package was mailed late but the team of Simplecitizen was willing to upgrade my shipment speed to alleviate the problem. I really appreciate your prompt response and hope that the application process will go smoothly. Thank you so much again!

Conor Nielsen

Oct. 2018

My wife and I had been married for a few months, asking around because we had no experience with the paperwork we needed to do to apply for my wife's Green Card. SimpleCitizen was a recommendation from a friend of ours. Within days we had our paperwork ready to send off to the UCIS. The only thing we needed was to sign and they did the rest. So reasonably priced for the services too! Thanks SimpleCitizen!

Valeria Gutiérrez

Oct. 2018

Son una magnífica empresa que ayuda muchísimo a los inmigrantes y tienen un excelente servicio, siempre dispuestos a responder todas mis preguntas.

Ravi Tej

Oct. 2018

Simple citizen is one of the best way to apply Green card,this website is very easy to access,they will help us in each and every step of the process,staff is very friendly and helpful to give any kind of information,Matt is very friendly and he helps me in lots of cases and lot of times,thank you very much Matt and thank you Simplecitizen

Abbie Camp Niklasson

Oct. 2018

We could not be more thankful for the people at Simple Citizen. They made the long and intimidating process...simple.

The fact that they are almost always available with quick responses in the chat function is unbelievably helpful.

Wonderful service that is well worth the cost.


Giselle McClure

Oct. 2018

I met Matt from Simple Citizen at the Mexican Consulate and he explained to me what kind of services they do. It was so clear and very useful. Now they are helping me on getting my American Citizenship; Matt is been really fast on answering my questions or concerns. It is been a process super proffesional and they have taken away all my stress and confusion plus their help has given me more time to focus on other things while they care about having all my paper work organized. I highly recommend their services!. Thanks a lot Simple Citizen :)

Dikshit Reddy Inavolu

Oct. 2018

Me and wife thought of starting the Green card process by our own. It was so confusing in the beginning of the process what to submit and what not to. After lot of research i found simple citizen application. I have decided after reading the reviews.. When i am paying fee to simple citizen i was still confused state whether i am doing right thing and took a step to pay the $349(which includes all services). Later,while i am filling the application it was so simple and user friendly tool and gained confidence on there services. Great customer service with any follow up questions I had throughout the journey( filling the application to Submitting the application) they have answered my silly questions with patience and sometimes there was little delays, but i can understand its not easy to answer each and every applicant question at a time. After filling and submitting the application they print everything for you in a neat folder, tell you where to sign and how to send the folder in a perfect way back to USCIS. Hiring a lawyer can cost $4,000 just a fee, these guys will help you with your application step by step for just a $350 and Less.I have recommended this site to another friend who will begin the same process soon. Simple Citizen made my Green Card Process "SIMPLE".

@Simplecitizen We Loved you Service!!Keep Going!! Add more Features in future!!

Outdoors USA

Oct. 2018

So, I started looking for an attorney and the guy was talking in charge me in 4200 dollars. After this I'm started searching for another options and found simple citizen. When I'm started reading about the site and what they do for the money what they ask for I was thinking they was scammers, but for that price I should try. Now my case is in the USCIS I'm receiving the letters, I have my appointment for the Biometrics and all of this really fast. I'm not so good with the words to write a beautiful text about them but I can say one thing, they are real, a real company doing a serious work for a really low price. I don't know how to say thankyou to this team. The last days I come talking to Matt like if he was of my family, always there to help. I'm not done yet but my case is moving on and really fast. I'm just happy and excited, I can see every day my green card closer to me. Put one thing on your mind, they are real and serious, you can trust on them.

Vi Dang

Oct. 2018

It has been a pleasant experience for us to work with Simple Citizen. The process was actually much more simple than what we expected it to be. And of course, you have been so helpful with tips and reminders along the way Matt. We really appreciate that Simple Citizen printed out the documents and prepared them in a certain way which made it easier for everyone. The immigration process is so overwhelming and your help makes it much easier for us.

Hope Gale-Hendry

Sept. 2018

I dont usually leave reviews, but i felt the need to do so, with simple citizen. My partner had to leave the U.S. last year because of losing the lottery system for a visa. We tried to hire a lawyer, so he could work in San Fransisco for the job he had worked very hard for, but we could not pull the funds. His friend told him about Simple Citizen as 'turbo-tax for immigration' and it was SO much cheaper and more simple than doing the process on our own. Thanks to simple citizen we are finally able to be together again next month!!!

May Mhyana

Sept. 2018

My husband and I used this service for his adjustment of status after a K1 Visa. The staff are very helpful and our forms were processed quickly. In the end my hubby got his green card in about 9 months! Sooo glad we chose to have a company help us through it all!

Joan Mellard

Sept. 2018

Simple Citizen is simply awesome! It definitely has my gratitude and respect. The immigration process can be so complicated and tiresome; however, Simple Citizen has affectively uncomplicated the process and has made it, as their name made clear, Simple. My person of contact Matt has been simply spectacular. He handled himself with such professionalism and integrity; he was laden with all the information that I needed and if by a mere chance he was unsure he would consult a lawyer that would supply what was needed. Simple Citizen has saved me thousand of dollars and I am very much pleased with the services they provided me. I am definately recommending them to those I know who are in need of such services!

James Cheal

Sept. 2018

OMG! I can not recommend SimpleCitizen highly enough. These guys are fantastic. I have been here on a visa since 2004 got married in 2017 and was changing status to a green card. Having been through the immigration process several times and spent thousands of dollars on attorney fees, I was not looking forward to this process. I had downloaded the documents several months ago as my visa was still current. As the time drew nearer to my visa expiry date I knew I had to get moving on the paperwork. Money being tight I was going to tackle it myself, when I stumbled upon SimpleCitizen. I could not believe the reviews I was reading. For a small flat fee they would do all the paperwork. All I had to do was provided the relevant information. Even the downloading of the documents was easy. The communication with them is outstanding and very reassuring. Look, I have been through renewing visas, visiting embassy's and interviews. This has been my best experience with regards immigration by a mile. So if you are in a situation where you need advice, Green Card, Visa or citizenship believe me you can go wrong with SimpleCitizen. OUTSTANDING SERVICE!

Thank you guys!

Doron Katz

Sept. 2018

Used simple citizen for my green card process and it was the simplest process ever. They print everything for you in a neat folder, tell you where to sign and how to send the folder in a perfect way back to USCIS. Worth five times what they charge and in any case you can’t put a price tag on having a property lodged set of paperwork to make USCIS happy

Ami Kelly

Sept. 2018

Simple Citizen made the whole process of applying for my husband’s green card so easy. We were completely overwhelmed with all the paperwork and knowing what personal documents we needed to send along with the completed forms. With Simple Citizen you pay a flat fee (totally worth every penny), you give them all your information, they let you know what you need to submit along with each form. You give everything to them and then they complete each form and attach all your documents and send you the completed packet. You sign it, add the check and DONE! I was so relieved to have these forms completed and submitted after starring at them for 2 months not knowing where to begin. They are so helpful throughout the entire process and available for questions and concerns. My husband and I had our interview with immigration today and it was quick and easy and he was approved for his green card. The man who interviewed us said he had everything he needed in our file and so this made the interview process simple. I HIGHLY recommend Simple Citizen to anyone applying for a green card, immigration, visa or any related paperwork. Amazing service for a great fee!

George Duplessy

Sept. 2018

SimpleCitizen has been a great help to me! They reviewed my application and made sure my papers were up to par for USCIS. Thanks to the whole staff for doing a great job!

Payal Gupta

Sept. 2018

Excellent service- Finding the right immigration consultant can be very stressful for anyone, as it requires putting a lot of trust into someone when dealing with such a precise process. I am happy with the level of service and attention to detail by simple citizen. The level of communication was fantastic, and they handled my case with care and utter professionalism. I would highly recommend the use of their services. I found Simple citizen to be extremely helpful and informative and always willing to make time when required. I successfully filed my application with USCIS for adjustment of status and waiting for my family green card. Special thanks to Matt for prompt action & reply.

Scott Parker

Aug. 2018

Simple Citizen makes the immigration process less stressful, more organized, and saves time. My wife and I had a very intimidating and uncomfortable interview with our immigration officer. It caused a lot of stress but simple citizen connected us with real immigration lawyers who took good care of us. Sam also would personally follow up with us too and would advise us. With their help, I was able to receive my green card. Without their help I would have been far more stressed. I highly recommend using their services. It will save you time, money and they are more than willing to help if things turn out to be more difficult.

Heidi Butler

Aug. 2018

I can't fault this website! They truly helped me so much with my Green Card application. I had no idea what I was doing and they made me feel confident about my application process. Very quick to respond if you ever had any questions. Definitely worth the money! Loved how organised my paperwork came. Made my process so much easier. So if you are ever considering help please do not hesitate to use this website. It is worth every dollar I assure you!

Jerry López

Aug. 2018

Probably the best compliment that I can give Simple Citizen is that the entire process of obtaining my wife's green card was boring! From filling out the applications, to organization of all the documents, right up to preparing for the interview - they walked us through all of it. Being able to ask specific questions was a tremendous help! The name says it all - they make the process "simple".

Many thanks!

Dee Dee

Aug. 2018

I had the best lawyer in Broward County Florida on my case who collected all the info and documents for applying for green card and only applied for I-130 and ripped me off got a lottt of money in past 2 years which equals more then half year rent in Florida... and dropped me since I refused to pay more until I get some type of passport got expired and situation wasn’t the best so I decided I had to file everything myself and after few researches in google I saw simple citizen. I’m married for almost 3 years and applied for green card almost right away. My baby about to turn 2 and if not simple citizen I’d still be sitting waiting for nothing and keep paying into nowhere feeding someone else’s family and of course fees not refundable ! Simple citizen team helped me with I-485 and I just got approved. I sent my paper work 10 days ago!!! Bill barner with 10 score on avvo couldn’t do nothing guess he paying for his good scores and reviews. He is a huge scam artist while simple citizen and their team do the job! All my papers were translated and I got approved after 10 days?!!! And lawyer with great rating and reviews couldnt do nothing for over 2 years?! Cmon. If you have family case and thinking about hiring lawyer-don’t! Go with simple citizen they are real future I’ll recommend them to everyone who needs help with filing immigration paperwork. They do the same job lawyer does providing you with simple form(my old lawyer didn’t even do that) you just have to mail your paperwork after signing that’s all extra job which is nothing. They are really the best wish I could give more stars and customer service is amazing. They always get in touch with you and help with everything you need! Answering all your annoying questions even after hours and always being polite and nice. Thank you so much I wish I’d find you sooner!

The Youngs

Aug. 2018

It's like TurboTax for green cards! Super easy and the staff is absolutely amazing. Just 2 months after filing for my greencard, EAD, and Advance Parole, I recieved my interview date. (Yup, they skipped my EAD & AP, went straight to my green card!). I have my interview a month from now and I'm confident it will go smoothly for me and my husband. I'm sure this wouldn't have been the case without Simple Citizen and a sprinkle of luck.

I really wish I could give more than 5 stars. Honestly, the service was easily worth sooo much more than what was charged. If you go with Simple Citizen, utilize their customer service option. They reply literally within 5 minutes and have attorneys on hand to answer complex questions.

If you're reading this, you're probably looking for legal help for green cards so -- Good luck & Happy journey!

Charlie Luse

July 2018

My ex was wanting to file concurrent documents to get her Mother a green card as she will be living here in AZ permanently. We began looking at the doc's and I told her, this is bigger than a bread box, so I will get us some help. Found SIMPLE CITIZEN on the internet, called and talked to Matt and decided to sign up, pay for the service and get started. From that day on, the customer service has been EXCELLENT. During the process of completing the documents on line, then a PDF was sent for us to check for any thing we thought was wrong, etc. and send back. We also had a special concern, which they checked on for us to permit submitting properly. The final package came in a nice box, with detailed instructions on how to do everything, tabs on where to sign everything, etc. and a large pre-addressed envelope to send to USCIS, of which we will do today. I wholeheartedly, and without reservation, highly recommend Simple Citizen for anybody desiring to complete immigration documents. A big Thanks to Matt and Sam for their attention to detail in completing the package.

philippe lefevre

July 2018

I really appreciate the professionel help of simplecitizen , it was so easy to fill forms ,and they put my mind at rest .They take care of the print of my files, send it to me in order , with any steps to do .MATT was very patient with all my questions .I definitively recommanded this team if you want to apply for a green card . Thank you again !

Irene Martorell Crespo

July 2018

Simple Citizen was awesome and so helpful!! They make your application process simple. They take your feedback or concerns you have. Their process review is great and Sam and Matt are just awesome! Even late at night Sam will be there to help me out! I recommend Simple Citizen without a doubt and in a heartbeat!

Georg Charbadze

July 2018

Initially I started my Green Card application on my own. It was extremely overwhelming, and it was a torture to even think about doing it. A friend of mine recommended Simple Citizen and I am so happy I chose this company to help me with this tedious and frustrating process. Even with Simple Citizen's help USCIS still gave me a really hard time by loosing my payment and some of my documents. Matt went above and beyond to help me through my experience with USCIS. Great staff, great and honest company! If you have a simple immigration case that does not require an immigration attorney, Simple Citizen is the way to go!

Jeremiah Thompson

July 2018

I am just getting ready to mail in my wife's green card application. SimpleCitizen made the process of assembling the application very easy from start to finish. For the price it's an unbelievable advantage and I highly recommend.

Vivek Ravi

July 2018

I highly recommend using simple citizen to complete applications for green cards. I recently used the service and was very very impressed by how easy to use the service is. Filling up their questionnaire is easy and they always have very responsive and patient representatives you can contact via their chat service to answer any questions you have. Once you complete the questionnaire the application arrives by mail and all you have to do is sign it and send it along. The application was very well organized and very thoroughly completed. Using this service gave me a lot of peace of mind and it was definitely a lot easier on the wallet than using an immigration lawyer.

Mehmet Aydin

July 2018

Great experience. Matt and Sam are very helpful and super nice! Highly recommended!

Carlui Brower

July 2018

Very helpful site! I can't complain, really. :)

I am really glad that I found them, so that they could guide me through the process of filing for permanent residency. They are very attentive and respond to your questions very quickly. As soon as I signed up for their services and saw how easy everything was, I recommended the site to another friend who will begin the same process soon. This is worth every penny. :)

SimpleCitizen people, you are AWESOME!!!

ilcafz rosa

July 2018

Great service! They always reply quickly.

Azeem Mohammed Uzair

July 2018

Amazing services and streamlined process. I was so paranoid when i started my application with so many requirements, forms and information. Thank God, i came across Simple citizen website. And seeing the reviews i decided to try them and it was the best decision. No hassle , user friendly tool to fill out the forms, the packet arrives with proper indexing and the support during the the entire process is excellent. I recommend everyone to try Simple citizen for immigration grants.

Mickey Raj

June 2018

SimpleCitizen provides the best value for the services it offers. I was able to complete my citizenship application in 30 minutes and the whole process was smooth and well guided. I am looking forward to my naturalization ceremony, having just passed my test, and can’t wait to be a citizen.

Pedro Mena

June 2018

Everything was great, professional and fast. They answered all my question so quickly and helped me a lot. I only can say, thanks so much!

Mike Kubes

June 2018

Save yourself a whole lot of money. This is only the second time I have felt compelled to take the time to write a company review and I am doing so because of the outstanding customer service and ultimately the end product SimpleCitizen provided. I used a law firm for my fiancés K1 visa process as I did not want to make any mistakes on my applications and also my desire to make certain all procedures followed, so hopefully the process would move faster. I am happy to say that after 11 months our K1 was approved and thus we moved on to the I-485 (Permanent Residence/Adjust Status). Well having spent and approximately 5K on the K1 process and the lawyers looking for another 7K for the I-485 process coupled with my new found skills completing various government forms I made the decision to save 7k and got started on the I-485 forms myself. I went through forms fairly quickly yet I wasn’t 100% comfortable that I completed everything correctly and was providing everything required. I debated then spending the 7k but decided to see if I could find someone to answer questions and to review my forms. I was fortunate enough to find Simplecitizen. They began to answer all my questions free of charge which absolutely shocked me. Well after the 11th or 12th question they told me about the services provided and I jumped on it. I decided on the premium service (about $300) and it was the BEST $300 I have ever spent. I will spare you all the detail but what I ended up with was the most well prepared documentation package I have seen. This package included a letter addressing immigration, detailed table of contents, all forms (including “sign here” stickers), support documentation, sample for checks (exact amounts and who to address to), sample photos (include little bags to put in), detailed instructions, an addressed envelope to send and even a pen to use. I can’t say enough good things about Simplecitizen!!!!

Sheila Marcelo

June 2018

Simple Citizen is wonderful! I could not have done it without them. I had not idea how to do it but they supported me through this entire process. I definitely recommend it to my family and friends.

Rio Aceron

June 2018

I just received our packet from simplecitizen today. I was so amazed. These guys did it all for us. Everything we need was in there. Sam and Matt are awesome. They reply right away to all my questions. I am so happy, very happy. I was speechless when I opened my packet and checked what's inside. My experience with simplecitizen was excellent! I will surely recommend them to my friends. Thank you guys! You are really awesome!

Alan Runyan

June 2018

Absolutely stunning! These guys know the immigration process and are really easy to work with. Thank you.

Dave McKeown

June 2018

If you have a straightforward Green Card case - use Simple Citizen. You will literally save thousands in unnecessary attorney fees. Simple to use system and great customer service with any follow up questions I had.


May 2018

When I married my wife here in the US I had no idea what to do or how to do it, but the guys at simplecitizen have been extremely helpful! I had a couple problems with my case and they helped me every step of the way. They are always happy to answer any questions I have and they always reply very promptly. Unbelievably amazing service for an unreal price. Would recommend 1000%! They’ve made a very complicated process quite simple!

Elle S

Apr. 2018

I used Simple Citizen to apply for my Greencard, EAD and Advanced Parole. Dealing with Sam mostly, I found their services to be extremely easy and straightforward. Their responsiveness to my questions were incredible. I submitted my application and received all the paperwork from USCIS as expected. When the time came for me to renew my EAD, I contacted Simple Citizen again and within a day, they sent me the completed forms to submit (without any additional charges).

Today, we had our immigration interview. It was far less stressful than we had imagined. Our case officer said she has never seen a better put-together package of supporting documents (well I did use color coded tabs each section), but most of all, she actually couldn't believe we had done it without an Immigration lawyer. My husband was so thrilled with what we saved in lawyers' fees that he is taking me to Hawaii for a week.

I can't recommend Simple Citizen enough for making a tedious and arduous process so easy (and consequently my Hawaiian holiday, ha!). Thanks!

Khaled Hammoudeh

Apr. 2018

i like it they doing a professional job

Hajar Tazi

Mar. 2018

I am 20 years old, and when I won the diversity visa lottery, I was extremely confused and nervous about the application process and my adjustment of status. Matt and Sam from Simple Citizen walked me through every single step of the application process, responded to my questions/ inquiries in a timely manner (usually a couple minutes only after I sent them an email), and my interview was just scheduled by USCIS (which is very early compared to normal applications). Sam and Matt are very friendly and helpful. I would recommend this service to everyone, and I am very grateful for the flawless service that Simple Citizen provided me with.

Michael Sullivan

Mar. 2018

Simple Citizen has made this process very easy. My wife and I are pleased with the level of service we have received!! Matt has been very helpful and we would recommend to anyone looking for help with the immigration process.

iyke mosindi

Mar. 2018

I was recommended by a good friend of mine who used the platform and came up with wonderful stories of his achievements, so I decided to give it a try and I most confess, it’s been a beautiful experience so far, I thought filling the forms were gonna be hectic, but SimpleCitizen made it easy and stress free, it’s so easy simple and straight forward, communication with the team was also a great one, especially Matt and Sam who are always there to answer questions and help out if you have difficulties. I will recommend SimpleCitizen to anyone trying to fill for a green card or any other services they render, they are efficient, trustworthy and reliable.....

Martins Arukwe

Feb. 2018

Honestly the premium package was the key to everything! The software is so efficient that it took away all the stress and uncertainty of not knowing if you doing the right thing. It was really a smooth ride. And the price?? Definitely way less than the service. Thank you simple citizen for making my process SIMPLE!

Ha Hoang

Jan. 2018

I have never written any review online, but for Simple Citizen (SC)-a service that helps my American dream come true, a short review won't express enough my journey and appreciation toward SC.

After wasting 4 months trying to figure out the green card requirements by myself, I gave up and started to use Simple Citizen (Sept, 2015) which surprised me on how everything turned out so easy on their website. Needless to say that they have all the documents ready for me to fill out with step by step instructions, they provide all the services (Supporting Document Translation, Immigration Attorney Review, etc.) that could cost me thousands of dollars doing it by myself. It also amazed me of how detailed their service is (printing and shipping the final application that was neatly organized with marked of where I and my husband had to sign, where to place the check and pictures, where to mail the package, etc.).

During the process and even after I submit my application, SC team is always there to answer questions and check on every updates of the application. SC team, especially Sam, was not only very professional and knowledgeable, but also very personal, that gave me so much comfort on this frustrated process. I got my 2-year green card only after over 5 months (Feb, 2016) and now in the process of renewal. I have introduced SC to my friend who also quickly become a permanent residence through its' help. I will definitely continue to use SC in my journey of becoming a US citizen.

Thanks SC for everything you have provided! Thanks everyone for staying til the end of my lengthy post ;).

Amanda Clayton

Jan. 2018

I would recommend this service to anyone, I can not praise the team enough

I feel the need to write this review, as my case was a little more complicated and I hit a few hurdles. When I contacted SimpleCitizen, they came back to me immediately with practical support in form of letters, policy, and legal support. At no point was I asked to pay any further or additional costs. I was astounded at the personal support and the ongoing telephone, online, and email support I have received.

firstly the online application itself is so simple and easy to use step by step you simply fill in responses to questions and then you can review with support your answers

once completed simple citizen send you a completed professional packet that you send to immigration

you have a online copy and a physical copy too

they help you every step of the way from the form to the medical and once filed they continue the support

I feel the need to write this review as my case was a little more complicated and I hit a few hurdles

when i contacted simple citizen they came back to me immediately with practical support in form of letters, policy and legal support, at no point was i asked to pay any further or additional costs

I was astounded at the personal support and the ongoing telephone, online, email support i have received.

Thank you so much without you I would not have obtained my green card

again thank you specifically Sam you were amazing more than i could have hoped for when i started the process

Rica Estrada

Jan. 2018

They have been really helpful. They guided us through the process, every step of the way. My husband and I appreciated the customer service. They would check-in regularly to ensure that everything is covered.

Arif Khan

Dec. 2017

Really great service, customer orientation and a sound technical product. I'm grateful i found out about Simple Citizen and it made dealing with the number of forms a breeze. Thank you to Sam and his team for going beyond the call of duty!


Nov. 2017

Sam and his team answered my endless questions even till this day. They calmed my nerves and were with me every step of the way. They helped me when I panicked and most importantly they did everything calmly and professionally. If I was upset about something they listened and helped me fix it. They went the extra mile and are still there for me! I am thankful for them! Thank you simple citizens!

Chelsea Barks

Aug. 2017

Really great service, customer orientation and a sound technical product. I'm grateful i found out about Simple Citizen and it made dealing with the number of forms a breeze. Thank you to Sam and his team for going beyond the call of duty!

Moumin Khan

Aug. 2017

Simple Citizen is a wonderful service that truly enables you to apply for immigration services in a precise and clear way. The team is incredibly knowledgeable and helpful in with immigration law and helps you through each step of the way. Me and my family have used them twice for green card applications and they truly stood by us during the entire process until we got our green cards in hand. At the price point they offer, with the service they provide, the professional value is an incredible bargain. Its turbo-taxes but for immigration with your own team of attorneys at your service and support. Very happy I picked up the phone and called them when I started my application

Wen Jie Tan

July 2017

INCREDIBLE! They are with you from the start to the finish providing expert advice. ALWAYS accessible (the same can't be said about some lawyers you hire) and knowledgeable. Made a stressful, complicated, and drawn out process manageable. Cannot be happier. Fully recommend them to anyone and everyone!


July 2017

What an outstanding service. The website is very user friendly, easy to navigate and they offer a free chat service to help you with any initial questions you have. Considering a lawyer can cost upward of $3,000, these guys will help you with your application step by step for just a couple of hundred dollars. Thanks to their great service (Sam in particular) I filed perfectly with no stress or worry for a fraction of what a lawyer would have cost me. Well worth it.

Tirtho Dutta

June 2017

Great service. :)

Brisa Goulet

May 2017

I am so glad my husband and I used Simple Citizen to make the immigration process easier for us! Although it took me a little while to answer all the questions and upload my documents, Simple Citizen made it so easy for me to fill it out! I know the stress it is to deal with immigration and how relieving it is to know someone who knows about this can help you through the process at a very accessible cost. It was also relieving to know there would be a lawyer reviewing our case and that we didn't have to pay thousands of dollars for us to get access to that service. If I had a question, sometimes it took a while for the agents to reply back to me, but overall they were very helpful.

Danillo Costa Fernandes

May 2017

Very kind and helpful people. If i could i would refer this website for everyone who needs immigration help. By the way, they did much more than the contract said. Thank you , guys. You all are amazing!

mario hernandez

May 2017

Personal attention shrewd that provides confidence and reliability at every moment, solving every doubt and request and setback with the most pleasant disposition!!!!


La gente de Simplecitizen te proporciona una atencion sagaz personalizada que brinda confianza y fiabilidad a cada instante, resolviendo cada duda y peticion y contratiempo con la mas grata dispocicion!!!!


Mac Ny

May 2017

they have great service, the people are so friendly and willing to help. i talked with matt, he was very helpful. their website also has great information. i really recommend simple citizen.

William Arbuckle

Apr. 2017

My wife and I used SimpleCitizen to apply for her green card and had an excellent experience. They are like the TurboTax for green cards!

Throughout the entire process we were impressed and grateful for the help and guidance that Sam and his team provided. They turned the complicated and confusing application/document requirements into an understandable and easy-to-follow process. Once we were waiting for a response from the Govt, we emailed Sam with questions that were always promptly responded to.

I highly recommend SimpleCitizen to anyone who wants a user friendly experience that combines good technology and great customer service. Totally worth it and soooo much cheaper than paying an immigration lawyer!

David Menzies

Apr. 2017

An attorney wanted to charge me $3k to do what Simple Citizen would essentially do for around $350. Of course with an immigration attorney you get other benefits, including face-to-face help and representation at the immigration interview, but I decided to go with Simple Citizen for the savings. They were always online to answer my questions promptly and provide me with the information I needed. Once they sent me my completed application I took it to my attorney to have them double check it, which cost me around $300. So in the end I saved over $2k.

Simple Citizen are a serious company and one of the easiest and affordable ways to fill out your immigration paperwork. I highly recommend them!

Resie Minardo

Apr. 2017

I was on my Fb when I saw simplecitizen and that time i was struggling and stressed out on how to fnished my green card application. Change of status is not an easy thing to do especially for a first time applicant like me..I tried my luck signing up in simplecitizen website for help plus they have good reviews too, at first I have doubts because they asked for payment good thing their office is not too far a way from were i stay so my husband and I went to their office and meet Matt who was there to explain and help us understand everything we need to know and so then we finished the application and the fee is just reasonable than having a very expensive lawyer. Simplecitizen team help us all through out our application it was fast, easy and stress free and they were always their to answer all questions.. I already submitted my application last month. Thanks a lot to simplecitizen team you guys are legit I would highly recommend this site to all my freinds that needs assistance in applying for change of status especially those first timers like me..

Sebastian Shiraishi

Mar. 2017

Sam and his SimpleCitizen team were great at helping my wife and me go through the Adjustment of Status. Filling out the forms took only 1- 1.5 hours because of the simple format. They were prompt at answering questions over the phone and email, and they sent me my finished application to sign and send to the USCIS. A Few months later I had the interview and approval of status. No need for expensive lawyers nor several hours of filling out the application. Thank you simplecitizen!

Dawson Lybbert

Mar. 2017

This website helped me quickly and efficiently fill out the required paperwork. Making this process smoother and less of a headache. Everything looks professional and I feel confident that nothing was missed in preparing these documents.

Chrystle Vila

Mar. 2017

Company needs 6 stars for being so helpful! The green card/changing status process can be overwhelming and simple citizen made everything exactly that-simple and doable. I would have spent hundreds more if we chose to do it with a lawyer and as newly weds we didnt have that kind of money. I have a lot friends who are also international students and will definitely recommend them 100%.

Andres Aleson

Mar. 2017

Working with SimpleCitizen was the best choice I could've made. I was incredibly surprised by their personalized customer service, how quickly they answered concerns, and how willing they were to explain and work through the application with me. Definitely recommend working with them if you're looking for accuracy and wonderful service at a great price.

Ace Hernandez

Mar. 2017

SimpleCitizen is truly the best out there! Their thoroughness, work ethic, and attentiveness, are amazing. They truly made my green card application highly simple, and painless! My wife and I could not be any more pleased. The support, (emotional, and professional), we received from Sam, and the rest of the SimpleCitizen team, throughout the whole process, was just outstanding. They went the extra mile to ensure we received a great, simple, stress-free, painless experience, and for that, we are so grateful. They genuinely care about helping people! There are not many people out there, who do. You will not be disappointed.

They have earned my absolute respect, as human beings, and as a company.

And, did I mention, they are also allies of the LGBTQ community? This meant/means so much to my wife and I, and are so grateful for their support. <3

I admire SimpleCitizen, for what they do, and definitely recommend them to anyone in need of help with their legalization process; not just because of what they can do for you, but also because they will make you feel human, and they are just a true joy!

Yury Lifshits

Feb. 2017

Using Simple Citizen was a delight and the support from Sam (founder) was exceptional. I had 10/10 experience throughout the process. Simple Citizen helps remove stress and uncertainty from this complex and painful process. I wish the company continuing success and will enthusiastically recommend it to everyone facing immigration paperwork in US.

In particular, printing/mailing experience was fantastic. I've got the folder with everything neatly organized, from signing instructions and printed forms to a USCIS-bound envelope with all addresses filled in.

Nate Rollins

Feb. 2017

Saved me thousands of dollars, very grateful for this service! There were a couple of times I was hoping for a quicker response, however I knew I wasn't paying thousands of dollars for an attorney to hold my hand and the Customer Service overall was fantastic. There was one time I needed to speak to a lawyer immediately over a weekend and justanswer . com's service worked well for that. Sam Stoddard and simple citizen provide a great service for the price!

Deepesh Bista

Feb. 2017

I talked to few immigration attorneys but they were really expensive. I had so many doubt and confusion, decided to look online and that's how I found simple citizen. Thanks to Sam and SimpleCitizen team, my green card application process was a cake walk. They were very responsive to every queries I had and walk me through everything. Sam in particular was quick to respond. In short, Simple Citizen made what would have been a very stressful and very expensive process into an easy and fast one. I will be recommending their services to anyone who are in need of immigration help. Thank you Simple Citizen!

Pius Thriveni

Feb. 2017

Extremely professional, courteous, knowledgeable, responsive and quick.

Jessie O'Shea

Feb. 2017

My AOS interview is set to take place in May and I couldn't have done it without the help from the amazing team at SimpleCitizen. They are so thorough and accurate when putting together your application. Not to mention, they are happy to help with any questions you may have. So far, I haven't experienced a single delay with my application. I would definitely recommend SimpleCitizen to anyone applying for a Green Card. All of the documents you need to organize can be extremely overwhelming--I couldn't imagine having to have put everything together on my own. I felt much more at ease having their assistance throughout the whole process.

Eliska Rejmankova

Feb. 2017

SimpleCitizen group has been very helpful throughout my whole citizenship application process. They would answer questions any time of the day or night. I recommend them to everyone who wants to have the citizenship application process as smooth as possible.

Ruth Laver

Jan. 2017

Outstanding service. Clear, concise, totally worth the investment. Don't spend hours trying to figure the green card process out yourself, or pay thousands to a lawyer, SimpleCitizen literally made it so simple. Great online support, and aftercare. The team at SimpleCitizen seem to genuinely care about their clients, and we have been personally touched by their support and guidance through this complex and emotional process. Well done SimpleCitizen you crafted a great and useful product.

Kirk Ewing

Jan. 2017

SimpleCitizen was fantastic. Filing for a green card is a stressful process but the software powering SimpleCitizen was amazingly easy to use. When there are questions Sam and his staff are amazingly responsive and knowledgeable. If you have a really complex case I would definitely use an immigration attorney. If your's is not amazing complex then SImpleCitizen will save you a heap of time and money while still having the piece of mind that you haven't missed any steps.

Alexander Hui

Jan. 2017

I honestly could not have done it without SimpleCitizen!

After learning about the green card process, my wife and I were totally overwhelmed by all the paperwork needed to be done. That's when SimpleCitizen saved the day. Sam, Brady, and Ayde were all super helpful throughout the entire process. Using SimpleCitizen literally saved me thousands of dollars!

The website and user interface make it easy for anyone to easily and successfully fill out their paperwork. SimpleCitizen has designed it so that you can swiftly finish all the paperwork you need by easily inputting information into pre-specified fields.

Most importantly, SimpleCitizen mailed me my completed packet all in the correct order leaving me with the easiest step of all - mailing it in to the USCIS office!

All in all, the entire green card approval process took four and a half months which was on par if not faster than what I encountered online. If you're looking to apply for or renew your green card, look no further than to SimpleCitizen for help!


Dec. 2016

Invaluable service! This process, by nature, is not short! But, by having help completing forms and navigate you through the process helps you avoid the pitfalls of trying to go it alone.

Claudia Soto

Dec. 2016

Simple Citizen made the green card application process easier and cheaper for me. The website automizes the process, making the process of filling out 100+ pages of forms into a couple-hour ordeal. Immigration lawyers are very expensive, but Simple Citizen gives you the same services for a very good deal. In short, Simple Citizen made what would have been a very stressful and very expensive process into an easy and fast one. I am grateful for their unique platform and kind customer service. I will be recommending their services to my friends and family. Thank you Simple Citizen!

Sandra Riley

Nov. 2016

I had a GREAT experience with simplecitizen. Super simple, easy, fast and very helpful! I highly recommend them!

ahmad kharbat

Nov. 2016

I'm glad I stumbled on this service, it helped me save a few thousands of dollars of attorney fees. And also helped me submit forms that I didn't even know about. However the service is only to help you organize your documents and make sure you have all the needed papers. You need to stay on top of it and eventually submit your application yourself. which I believe as a citizen-to-be, this is an important exercise.

The duration took a little longer than promised, but I was still satisfied with the quality of the service and the prompt communication.

I would highly recommend.

Kelly Horton

Sept. 2016

Very easy, friendly, efficient process. I love the packet they sent back to me.

It arrived when they said it would..packaged the proper order...I just had to sign it, attach pics and send. I sent it out the same day I received it from was that ready. They even included an addressed envelope to send it in. And it was printed on very nice paper.

I found the USCIS website very difficult to navigate and understand ( I have a Master's Degree), Simple Citizen was "simple" to understand.

Anthony Aroni

Aug. 2016

The software was easy to follow. Their employees were so nice and went the extra mile to make sure any concerns we had were resolved. It saved a lot of money and time.

Gabriela Castro

Aug. 2016

Al inicio tuve muchísimas dudas sobre como comenzar mi proceso de inmigración, luego como llenar toda la papelería que necesitaba o pensaba que necesitaba. - Una amiga me dijo de SimpleCitizen porque ella lo usó, y ya no tuve ni que pagar miles de dólares al abogado que me iba a ayudar y el servicio incluyó todo el llenado de mis formas, tradujeron mi acta de nacimiento gratis y me llegó el paquete a mi casa listo para firmar y enviar al gobierno!.

El servicio al cliente también excelente, nunca me dejaron sola, todo el tiempo contestaban mis dudas.

Ampliamente recomiendo este servicio a la gente que necesita apoyo y asesoría para este tramite que se ha vuelto tan sencillo gracias a la tecnología y al equipo de profesionales.

Natalia Santoyo

Aug. 2016

I talked to a lot of immigration attorneys but they were really expensive. I decided to look online and that's how I found simple citizen. The website is really easy to use and their customer service was top notch. They helped me and a few of my family members get our green cards. Thanks simple citizen!

Michael Donahue

July 2016

SimpleCitizen and it's staff are Amazing! They really make the application process simpler and I was a lot more at ease knowing things would be correct the First time! I've heard stories of other people going through process of obtaining a green card, paying thousands to see an immigration lawyer, and still getting denied because of an error on the application. So I was skeptical when I heard of SimpleCitizen, but I had to give it a try! And I will be the first to tell you that SimpleCitizen is a huge blessing to the immigration process! Thank you SimpleCitizen!

Aaron Smith

June 2016

I was helping a friend with his immigration papers. As a CPA, I thought I would be able to manuever through the legalese myself. ***news flash*** the government loves paperwork, and it was overwhelming. I found the simplecitizen process very easy to follow and felt assured that everything would be done correctly...and it was! Totally worth it! thanks simplecitizen

Estefania Rivera

June 2016

Excelente servicio, puedes ahorrar tiempo, dinero y es muy accesible!!!

Joseph Ebele

May 2016

So this is the first time I have made a review on a service and I just had to do it because this is by far the best service I have ever received in my entire life! All my thanks goes to the wonderful customer service rep that I have chatting with. " Alexia " I can't imagine how much better service I could have gotten. She answered all my questions with links to further educate me... All the questions I never could even get answered during my personal research. I'm so glad I came across simple citizen and very grateful that someone like Alexia was there to put me through! Thank you so much Simple citizen and Alexia.

EunJoo Yoon

May 2016

I used SimpleCitizen to renew my green card which was 2-year conditional permanent residency. I answered all of the questions which only took me about 20 minutes. Gathering documents was time consuming but with SimpleCitizen's help, I was able to gather all of the required supporting documents. They double-checked my application with the licensed immigration attorney. Once it (assembling my application and the attorney review) was all done, they mailed me my application all ready to go. All I had to do was sign where it was marked with the sticky notes.

By using SimpleCitizen, I only had to answer their questions which was super fast, gather documents which they told me which documents were needed and provided me with the templates, sign once I got my application, mail it off to the USCIS which SimpleCitizen included the instructions so I knew which USCIS address to send to.

I'm so thankful that I found SimpleCitizen because the price that I paid to use their service was very affordable or even cheap compare to the worth of their service or the price of using an immigration attorney doing my paper work.

I will definitely use their service again next year for my citizenship application. I have recommended to all of my international friends and am now recommending to people on Google!

Anoush Kabalyan

Apr. 2016

Amazing service and a wonderful idea that will truly help many to go through the confusing process of green card processing and the adjustment of status! SimpleCitizen has both the great tool and the awesome team behind it.

We used SimpleCitizen for the adjustment of status (green card process) through marriage for my daughter and me. My husband and I were ready to do hours of reading and research to figure out what needs to be done for this process. Then one day I randomly stumble upon SimpleCitizen. The idea was great, the tool allowed me to create a free account and start right away with no up-front payments. It turned out to be very simple. You simply go through a logical process and fill out fields with necessary information. The tool then fills out all the necessary forms for you. In addition, SimpleCitizen team will review your application. You pay when everything is ready to go. They also have an option for a lawyer to review the documents!

I don't think there has been anything like SimpleCitizen in the market. They have created a great alternative for those who can't afford to pay lawyer fees and don't have the time to do hours and hours of research to go through the green card process on their own.

My case turned out to be a little more complicated than many others. Even then SimpleCitizen was by my side, every day, helping me every step of the way. They would get back to me with answers very quickly, any day, even during the weekends!

Thank you SimpleCitizen! Our family is very grateful to have had you guys support us through this stressful process!

Olivia Clearwater

Mar. 2016

I recently completed my green card application with SimpleCitizen and the name really says it all – it is SO simple. So much so, that when I first signed up I thought it was too good to be true so I printed out all my application forms from the USCIS website so I could compare them side by side. It was then that I realized SimpleCitizen really was breaking the application process down into easy steps that people who aren’t familiar with the immigration process could understand.

Not only that but SimpleCitizen gives you prompts along the way on information that might be confusing and it only makes you input your basic information once and then it auto-fills the rest – this is huge deal considering if asks for you name, address, nationality and passport number on the top of every single page of the 100 + page application. Because of this it took me less than a day to fill out my whole application and within the week I have collected all the supporting documents I needed and got my passport pictures. So a process that usually takes months took me one week. I submitted my application at the start of October and had my green card in my hand the first week of January, the speed of this application is practically unheard and its all because of SimpleCitizen.

I also love that they have an attorney review, this really calmed my nerves because I knew that my application wouldn’t be sent back because of one minor detail – I would definitely recommend this, especially because it’s so cheap, attorney fees for immigration are usually thousands of dollars!

Words really cannot describe how amazing SimpleCitizen is; it saves you time, money and stress! A process that is known for being so hard has been made so unbelievably easy and the only way to possibly fathom how simple it is, is to try it. I promise you won’t be disappointed; the website is easy to navigate, even for an nontechnical person like myself and the process is easier, quicker and as hassle free as setting up a Facebook.

I recommend this to all, it really will change your life, if I could give it 6 stars I would.

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Real Customers, Real Stories

I had no idea how to get started but SimpleCitizen walked me through the whole process and a week later my application showed up at my house all ready to go.

olivia | United Kingdom

They were with me throughout all the different steps to answer questions, to clarify certain things, and to help me out. And if it was something beyond their scope of understanding, they had an entire team of legal advisors & lawyers, specializing in immigration law, to help out.

moe | Mexico

The idea of getting a Green Card was really scary because lawyers are so expensive and doing all of the paperwork by ourselves, it was really daunting because the idea of making a mistake and having it sent back was just not what we wanted.

Overall, I would definitely recommend SimpleCitizen to anyone looking to get a Green Card. They really are simplest and easiest option.

vivian | Canada

I recommend SimpleCitizen. They're going to work with you. They're going to get to know you're case. They're going to make sure that everything is done properly – every single detail matters to them. I had a really good experience.

josef | Peru