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Why do thousands of immigrants choose SimpleCitizen? The software & technology was developed by top engineers, designers and immigration attorneys to include features that make immigration paperwork easy.

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Application Preparation

Similar to an online job application or tax preparation software, you just answer the questions and SimpleCitizen fills out all of the forms that you need. Our software also consistently checks for many of the common mistakes and errors that are found in immigration applications.

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My Document Wallet

Add all of your required supporting documents to one secure location. Here you can view, edit, translate, and reuse documents for any of your current or future immigration applications. You can even snap a picture of the documents with your phone and upload them directly to your Document Wallet!

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Application Collaboration

Immigration forms require information about family members and sponsors. Now you can invite those individuals to directly and easily login using their own personal devices and input their own information, without ever seeing any of your confidential information. It's safe, secure, and simple.

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Immigration Attorney Review

Application review by a professional immigration attorney is a feature that is an option for every application within SimpleCitizen. This step in the process ensures that your application is 100% correct and ready to be sent to the USCIS.

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Delivered to your Doorstep

We print, assemble, & mail you the completed application. Along with this, you can easily download a digital PDF version of your application, in full, to keep for your own records.

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Real Customer Reviews


Rating on Google

Brandon Zhang

Feb. 2019

For those who don't want to read my whole review, just know that it is well worth your $$$ to have this team help you with your immigration needs!

SimpleCitizen's bread-and-butter is AOS (adjustment of status), but I had to apply for my spouse through consular processing. Even then, their process was extremely helpful and simplifies the I-130 into easy-to-digest questions.

My favorite parts:

1. Customer service - Matt was extremely helpful in everything. Not only did he make himself available via online chat/email, he also made himself available via phone to talk through the application and any questions I had along the way. I just submitted this week, but his team will be here for the remainder of the process as well!

2. Finished product quality - I was very impressed with the finished product. The application was nicely bound and put into a clean box with very clear instructions included as well. I just had to simply ship it off.

Thank you again and fingers crossed, everything goes well!

Agatha Milk

Jan. 2019

I am really glad that me and my husband found this company that helped us to fill in all immigration documents really quickly and right. the fee for the service is reasonable. I also wrote them multiple times with different questions about documents and immigration questions, they will help me with that too. Thank you a lot! Will definitely recommend to work with SimpleCitizen.

Giselle McClure

Oct. 2018

I met Matt from Simple Citizen at the Mexican Consulate and he explained to me what kind of services they do. It was so clear and very useful. Now they are helping me on getting my American Citizenship; Matt is been really fast on answering my questions or concerns. It is been a process super proffesional and they have taken away all my stress and confusion plus their help has given me more time to focus on other things while they care about having all my paper work organized. I highly recommend their services!. Thanks a lot Simple Citizen :)

Doron Katz

Sept. 2018

Used simple citizen for my green card process and it was the simplest process ever. They print everything for you in a neat folder, tell you where to sign and how to send the folder in a perfect way back to USCIS. Worth five times what they charge and in any case you can’t put a price tag on having a property lodged set of paperwork to make USCIS happy

Payal Gupta

Sept. 2018

Excellent service- Finding the right immigration consultant can be very stressful for anyone, as it requires putting a lot of trust into someone when dealing with such a precise process. I am happy with the level of service and attention to detail by simple citizen. The level of communication was fantastic, and they handled my case with care and utter professionalism. I would highly recommend the use of their services. I found Simple citizen to be extremely helpful and informative and always willing to make time when required. I successfully filed my application with USCIS for adjustment of status and waiting for my family green card. Special thanks to Matt for prompt action & reply.

Vivek Ravi

July 2018

I highly recommend using simple citizen to complete applications for green cards. I recently used the service and was very very impressed by how easy to use the service is. Filling up their questionnaire is easy and they always have very responsive and patient representatives you can contact via their chat service to answer any questions you have. Once you complete the questionnaire the application arrives by mail and all you have to do is sign it and send it along. The application was very well organized and very thoroughly completed. Using this service gave me a lot of peace of mind and it was definitely a lot easier on the wallet than using an immigration lawyer.

Ha Hoang

Jan. 2018

I have never written any review online, but for Simple Citizen (SC)-a service that helps my American dream come true, a short review won't express enough my journey and appreciation toward SC.

After wasting 4 months trying to figure out the green card requirements by myself, I gave up and started to use Simple Citizen (Sept, 2015) which surprised me on how everything turned out so easy on their website. Needless to say that they have all the documents ready for me to fill out with step by step instructions, they provide all the services (Supporting Document Translation, Immigration Attorney Review, etc.) that could cost me thousands of dollars doing it by myself. It also amazed me of how detailed their service is (printing and shipping the final application that was neatly organized with marked of where I and my husband had to sign, where to place the check and pictures, where to mail the package, etc.).

During the process and even after I submit my application, SC team is always there to answer questions and check on every updates of the application. SC team, especially Sam, was not only very professional and knowledgeable, but also very personal, that gave me so much comfort on this frustrated process. I got my 2-year green card only after over 5 months (Feb, 2016) and now in the process of renewal. I have introduced SC to my friend who also quickly become a permanent residence through its' help. I will definitely continue to use SC in my journey of becoming a US citizen.

Thanks SC for everything you have provided! Thanks everyone for staying til the end of my lengthy post ;).

Moumin Khan

Aug. 2017

Simple Citizen is a wonderful service that truly enables you to apply for immigration services in a precise and clear way. The team is incredibly knowledgeable and helpful in with immigration law and helps you through each step of the way. Me and my family have used them twice for green card applications and they truly stood by us during the entire process until we got our green cards in hand. At the price point they offer, with the service they provide, the professional value is an incredible bargain. Its turbo-taxes but for immigration with your own team of attorneys at your service and support. Very happy I picked up the phone and called them when I started my application

David Menzies

Apr. 2017

An attorney wanted to charge me $3k to do what Simple Citizen would essentially do for around $350. Of course with an immigration attorney you get other benefits, including face-to-face help and representation at the immigration interview, but I decided to go with Simple Citizen for the savings. They were always online to answer my questions promptly and provide me with the information I needed. Once they sent me my completed application I took it to my attorney to have them double check it, which cost me around $300. So in the end I saved over $2k.

Simple Citizen are a serious company and one of the easiest and affordable ways to fill out your immigration paperwork. I highly recommend them!

Sebastian Shiraishi

Mar. 2017

Sam and his SimpleCitizen team were great at helping my wife and me go through the Adjustment of Status. Filling out the forms took only 1- 1.5 hours because of the simple format. They were prompt at answering questions over the phone and email, and they sent me my finished application to sign and send to the USCIS. A Few months later I had the interview and approval of status. No need for expensive lawyers nor several hours of filling out the application. Thank you simplecitizen!

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